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September 12, 2011

Big Dreams, Small Space

An example of a floor plan. Much better than my
personal drawing. (via Better Homes and Gardens)
Since I still work in the same city where I attended college, staying in the apartment I lived in during my senior year seemed like a great way to save money. Then, I started to realize how limited I am. My space—a bathroom, living area and small walk-in closet—feels like a dorm room and I’m starting to hate coming home to it.

Every time I try to recreate a look I saw in a shelter magazine, it never seems to look right. A couple of weeks ago, after I found my shoes under my desk, I figured out my problem—I need to define my space.

I eat in front of my desktop computer in my work area, I send emails to the Feather staff on my laptop from my bed and you can find my clothing in absolutely any part of my bedroom. This causes a problem with decorating because items should be chosen to complement the function of an area. I’ve just been putting lamps in empty corners.

I know I’m not the only one with this issue, right?

I thought of a few steps to define my space you may find useful.

Draw a floor plan. I’m the worst artist ever, but I drew what my room would be like empty on a legal pad. Then, I considered where I wanted things to be and drew them in those spaces. My bed is against a wall and, although that gives me more floor space, I don’t like that it’s also against the only window.

This kitchen counter also acts as storage for kitchenware
and a table. (via Ikea Family Live)

Storage is key. When your space is really small, you can't have a lot of stuff in the main area without it looking cluttered. I’m going to put off-season clothes in a Rubbermaid bin under my bed.

Multipurpose furniture. I already use my dresser as a television stand. I'm also going to turn a bookcase on its side, put cushions on top of it and use it as seating for visitors.

Next—decorating. If you’ve got tips on decorating a small space, I’d love to hear them.

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