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September 21, 2011

Lost in Foundation

I received a text from my friend Diana the other day, reading: "Foundation. Too much. People are crazy. Please write about it!"

Now, I'll preface this post by admitting that Diana is a beauty consultant for Clinique, a brand notorious for their uber-natural approach to cosmetics. She's also a bit of a tree hugger and not one to take huge chances in the makeup department. That said, my fresh-faced friend had a point. A lot of young girls these days are just wearing too much darn makeup. Let's discuss.

Katy Perry via MSN.com
Take Miss Perry for example. Now, I love her. And I am all about a smoky eye, a neon lip, a dramatic faux lash or a funky streak of highlights. But this much foundation is just a no-no. Acne blemishes are a major problem for our age group. Believe me, I'm not exempt. But there is a point at which the cover-up becomes an even bigger, worse reveal. Do you see how the caking of her makeup is aging her? Let's all step back, wash our faces, and try something new.

As a general rule, women under 30 should not be using a heavy foundation. If your skin is pretty even-toned and you're lucky enough not to suffer much from acne, reach for a tinted moisturizer and handle under-eye circles with a creamy concealer. If, like me, you suffer from enlarged pores, blackheads, and/or acne breakouts, keep a more intense regimen at the ready. Clinique acne solutions liquid makeup (clinique.com, $24) contains salicyclic acid to kick your pimples' butt. It also creates a smooth and fresh appearance without a dramatically "made-up" appearance. When you use this or a similar product over a few weeks, you will notice clearer skin. And that means less makeup! That's something to celebrate.

After all, we're only young once. Let's enjoy it!

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  1. While I agree that young women do not need to wear a lot of foundation (or any foundation at all depending on their skin) I feel using Katy Perry's photo was not needed. She's in the entertainment industry and she's being filmed or taken photos of when at an event. I'm sure she doesn't wear that much make up on an everyday basis. Also, you should be suggesting more products than just Clinique. It seems a bit too biased considering your friend who asked you to write this post works there. There are a plethora of alternatives! Your posts need to be more informative to the reader. You're lacking a lot of information that pertain to this post that readers could have found helpful.


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