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September 5, 2011

Welcome to Ruffled Feathers!

Welcome to the official editors' blog of Feather Magazine. Before our launch Oct. 12 we had so much going on and were anxious to start sharing things with you, so we decided to launch Ruffled Feathers ahead of schedule.

Your first thought may be:
“Why should I follow this blog?"

Here are four reasons we should be at the top your reading list:

We’re covering New York Fashion Week

I thought I’d start with the big guns. Our Beauty Director and Fashion Director will be sharing some photos from events and writing about their experiences. We’re also live tweeting some of the shows! One of the main reasons we’re launching this blog before the magazine is because we wanted to share our NYFW experience with our readers.

We’re full of surprises

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re a little secretive at Feather Magazine and that’s because we love to surprise you. We kept this a secret from most of the staff until last week! We’ve got a few secret gems planned for you as this blog evolves and you won’t know about them if you don’t read Ruffled Feathers.

Feather editors are awesome
When I decided to start this magazine, I wanted editors who were qualified but also nice and friendly. What I got was a group of genuinely kind-hearted women who were overqualified for their positions, but still willing to dedicate their time and energy to the magazine. You’ll get to know just how amazing they are because these posts are from their point of view.

We really want to know more about you
Feather is all about collaboration with our readers, so we want to use this as a way to interact with Feather Girls before our website launches. We want to know what you think of these posts, so please leave comments. Do you love them, like them or do they ruffle your feathers? We're also going to ask you poll questions that will help us figure out what we should be writing for you. If you tell us what you think, it will help us ensure the magazine and this blog are full of content you will love.

We've got a lot planned for this blog, be sure to follow us on Google Friend Connect and on Twitter (@rufflings), so you never miss out on anything!

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