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November 4, 2011

An App for Your Closet

If you need to organize your closet or make most of the pieces you already own, there's an app for that! Stylebook can be downloaded on your iPhone from the iTunes store. Categorize your wardrobe by letting your phone do all the work for you. After snapping a few pictures watch as Stylebook arranges your uploaded items into outfits for your daily work schedule, class or even strolling through the park. 

Stylebook's Looks Category 

Create moodboards with your own clothes. Decide what you will wear Friday night before even getting home! If you're unsure about an ensemble, you can share with friends at the touch of a button for final approval. You'll never have to get up early again with the digital calendar, which allows you to pre-plan your outfits. You'll never get up early to decide what to wear again! Sure you may need to take a ton of pictures, but you'll save on buying unnecessary items, while also determining which ones you really need.

I can't wait to try this out!

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