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November 23, 2011

Bootcamp for Bucks

This could be what your savings looks like after a little
financial bootcamp.
We all know that the post-graduate life isn’t full of luxury. Yes, most of us are working, but not utilizing our degree in our desired field. After you've utilized our digital coupon suggestions, there's another way to stay money savvy. American Express, in partnership with LearnVest.com and Crowdtap, has worked to develop two free online resources to help twenty-somethings manage the money we do have and help with our transition from school to work. 

The first  financial boot camp you can sign up for is called, “Take Control.” You look at the current state of your finances, including your budget, earnings and spending patterns. This boot camp will teach you to earn more, spend better and get what you want from your money. It also includes information on your credit score, net worth and personal financial goals you wish to reach. 

The second boot camp is “Build Your Career,” which teaches you how to succeed at work, managing good and bad times, communicating effectively and keeping your image and networking skills polished. You’ll also learn how to negotiate a salary when you are offered a position. 

According to the American Express survey, twenty-somethings tend to overvaule experience and devalue personality in the hiring process. In partnership with CrowdTap.com they have set up a social platform for twenty-somethings to share their opinions and concerns about their personal finance so they can gain more confidence in job hunting. 

(post contributed by Lesley Anders)

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