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November 7, 2011

Which fork is for the salad?

When I was younger and we'd attend fancy restaurants, I relied on my dad to help me make sense of everything, like the menu and the silverware. As soon as we left, I'd forget everything (because I made no effort to remember) and he'd have to go through the entire spiel again.

If my dad wasn't there, I felt like Vivian in Pretty Woman. Well, except for the whole hooker thing, of course. But in the film, she enlists the concierge at a hotel to help her make sense of the silverware at nice restaurants. But when she goes to an  upscale restaurant, the finger foods present a new problem because how do you know which are finger foods and for which you use silverware?

Eventually, I learned. Otherwise, I'd just keep making people help me figure out how to order and eat food. If I found this amazing graphic when I was in high school, I would've become a dining pro in no time. This even taught me about how to make a toast properly.

Why not break out the good dinnerware that your mom keeps stashed in the cupboard and do some fancy place settings for holiday dinners this year?

(image via pinterest)

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