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June 8, 2012

Closet Case: Mischa's Place by That Girl From 'The OC'

Mischa Barton
image via Briggs Photo
Many of you may not have heard (or even care) that longtime E! Fashion Police offender, Mischa Barton, has decided to stay relevant by launching her own fashion line, Mischa's Place. You may recall that in 2009, Mischa partnered with Stacey Lapidus, the person responsible for Blair Waldorf's headbands, on a limited release headband collection.

Stacey Lapidus's site has since disappeared without explanation from the Internet, a side effect common to businesses that collaborate with self-proclaimed celebrity fashionistas. Let's not forget that during this time, Mischa's CW TV show, The Beautiful Life: TBL, was cancelled due to poor ratingsa clear cease and desist from the public.

To avoid looking desperate, E! Online reports that Mischa has not only created a fashion and accessories line but also “Barton-branded lotions, body butters, soaps, candles and an entire makeup line.” Not one to take a hint, Barton launched her line on May 9, 2012 in Dubai where women (allegedly) responded to her accessories in 2009.

The products are slated to be available in the United States by the end of the summer, but don't worry, you can still shop the bizarre e-commerce site now! For only $200 plus shipping, this “Ragamuffin” dress below (Or perhaps, just a picture of one?) can be yours. She must be expecting big results as she reportedly is planning to open a brick-and-mortar store in the UK next year.

Dress by Mischa Barton of Mischa's Place
image via Mischa's Place
She avoids explaining her actions, instead saying, “I hope you enjoy my designs and have as much fun wearing them as I did designing them!”

I'm sure we will...

Are you excited about Mischa Barton's new line? When you're a [former] celebrity, how do you know it's time to hang up the towel?

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