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June 21, 2012

Style Stalker: Lessons From Queen B

Beyoncé out and about in Paris.
(image via Celebrity Fashionista)
Beyoncé  looked stunningas alwayswhile strutting her stuff on the streets of Paris. She met up with husband Jay-Z for a dinner date at La Maison de la Truffe restaurant. This look is definitely the talk of the town and, not to mention, fashionable enough to land her a spot on Vogue's best dressed list!

We can all learn a few things from Queen B, especially in the fashion department! That's why I decided to make it easy for you by creating a list of techniques Beyoncé incorporates in this look:

Try the trend: I can't seem to get enough of her glamorous chain wedges. They are clearly becoming the new shoe trend. I've seen chain shoes all over new but these are by far my favorite! Beyoncé  doesn't sport every trend, but if it fits her, she isn't afraid to give it a try. You can thank Tom Ford for making a shoe fit for Queen B to wear.

2. Leave the comfort zone: Beyoncé's look is so refined and refreshing. I love how her style is constantly developing. She's never afraid to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. She knows the importance of dominating a look, even if you're not totally sure it works. Personal style is about being confident, after all.

3. Use a dominate color: A dominate color is the color that appears most in your outfit. Here, Beyoncé's dominate color is black. Then, she added the red and white to really make the outfit stand out. Dark colors make great dominate colors, as bright colors are great in small amounts. To top off the look, she uses splashes of gold jewelry. Jewelry adds flavor and a personal touch to any outfit.  

4. Make the look fit you: Style is all about taking a look and making it your own. Case-in-point: I would wear a light pink blazer, probably from H&M, and put my hair up in a chic ballerina bun. Forever 21 carries cute leggings that come in many different styles. I would try to find chain sandals and a cheetah print clutch (I love cheetah print!) online. When looking for something specific it's easier to find it online. 

How will you take Beyoncé's fab look and make it your own?

Jasmine Perry is a Fashion Blogger at Ruffled Feathers. You can read her personal blog and follow her on Twitter. 

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