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July 25, 2012

Happy Home: Motivational Art

If there's one thing you need after a long week of work--besides drinks with friends and a foot massage--it's coming home to an inspiring space. Maybe it's your totally awesome couch or modern dining room, but maybe it's the actual art on your walls.

I found this adorable little shop on Etsy the other day called The Love Shop! In addition to all of the cutesy modern typography, the motivational messages are just what I've been looking for. Plus, the color and feel of each piece makes you feel refreshed and happy.
Ways to a happier life.
(image via The Love Shop)

The soft blue shade and fun message would be perfect in a bedroom. More sleep? Yes please.

So important to remember.
(image via The Love Shop)
This is a message I definitely need a constant reminder about, don't you? 

Amen, sister.
(image via The Love Shop)
I don't know about you, but I would love this print in my house. A daily reminder to travel is the perfect encouragement for my dreams.

Motivational art is becoming a huge trend in younger houses: check out Young House Love for more ideas and personal touches (they have an entire hallway dedicated to personal artwork and inspiring messages and memories). No matter what message you prefer, anything that inspires you or makes you feel happy and more positive is great for both your mood and the mood of your house. 

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