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July 24, 2012

Your Life: Dealing with Anxiety

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Anxiety can be next to impossible to deal with. Anyone who has ever experienced a panic attack knows that the overwhelming emotion that comes with anxiety can consume you. Even when it feels like you're drowning in anxiety, there are some ways that you can keep yourself calm in the interest of carrying on.

Focus on your breath. This is my ultimate anxiety life saver. When you feel yourself getting anxious, concentrate on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. It can also be helpful to place your hand on your stomach and feel it expand with your breath. 

Listen to calming music. Pick something that you really enjoy, keep the volume low and listen with your eyes closed. Keep breathing and let the music wash over you. When you devote your attention to both breathing and the music you're listening too, there will be less room for the anxious thoughts plaguing you.

Take a shower. Allow yourself to be immersed in the experience of warm water and cleanliness. Washing yourself can be a good compliment to washing away the stress that's keeping you down. Being in the shower doesn't mean you have to let your mind wander. Keep breathing, and keep my last step in mind. 

Accept the anxiety you're feeling. While it may not always seem like it, the fear and tension you are feeling will pass. Remind yourself that everything is going to be alright, and soon you'll realize that is really is. 

If you suffer from anxiety, I truly hope that these tips do some good for you.

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